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Shred Trust has built a reputation for providing the best data destruction services in the industry. We provide the most reliable mobile document shredding and data destruction services for the secure disposal of obsolete records, documents, and technology hardware. Don’t allow your obsolete files to fall into the hands of tech-savvy, identity theft criminals.

At Shred Trust we pride ourselves on our ability to render documents extinct… dead…gone. We don’t just bury them, we obliterate them. Shred Trust’s encrypted, cutting edge software doesn’t simply hide unwanted data like so many other security sites do… we make it as if your document never even existed. Call it chemo for your computer… we let our programs run their course and your potential vulnerability goes away… forever.

Personal & Secure Private Visits

We are here to protect your company from information theft, fraud and regulatory liability. Our on-site services serve to tighten your security by never transporting confidential materials, subjecting them to exposure by a third party or a middleman.

We believe the only way to provide ultimate protection is to come to your home or office and treat your hard drive in person. Our experienced technicians will exterminate your unwanted data using the most advanced and secure methods available. Some of the world’s largest corporations have entrusted Shred Trust to erase their past… to protect their future.

Professional Protection

Shred Trust’s security professionals are the best in the business and have years of experience protecting the government, S&P 500 corporations and private interests. We recognize how vital it is to safeguard your company’s most sacred information and we take that responsibility not only seriously, but personally.

We are proud to say that not one file belonging to the hundreds of companies under our program has ever been infiltrated. Please call us today for a free consultation and let Shred Trust provide the protection and security you need.

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